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  • Gourmet Restaurant | Porto+
  • Marketing and Advertising Company | Lisbon+
  • Wine production factory | Porto+

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  • Renewable energy company | Lisbon+
  • Master Franchising in the Cosmetics area | Czech Republic+
  • Occupational Medicine Clinic | Setúbal+
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About us

The WBB - World Business Brokers is a company that works in finance, and has as its mission the purchase, sale, assessment and valuation of companies. In an increasingly competitive and changing market it is important to get the right opportunities in key moments.

That's what the WBB team - formed in the area of economics and management and a strong professional experience in large national and multinational companies - works every day: to get the best opportunities to the objectives of their clients.

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When a company wants to expand to another area (at its native country or outside), the solution is to rapidly increase your customer base or diversify their activity area. This requires knowing very well what you are purchasing, and therefore there must be a realistic assessment and knowledge of all the real business implications. In purchase transactions confidentiality is fully guaranteed, and therefore both parties will sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that.

There may be many reasons for that: the willing to start a business in another area, financial difficulties or lack of trust between the partners. But for whatever reason, the truth is that there are times when the decision to sell the company is the right one. And then you need to find the right partner, to make a real assessment of the company and who can market it at a fair value. The whole process is carried out while maintaining full confidentiality, so that the potential buyer will only have access to the entire information about the company on an advanced stage of negotiation.

Know the company’s true and real value is an important data for investors and managers. The WBB team carry out the assessment of any company, regardless of its size. To determine the actual value of a company several facts are taken into account, among which include its turnover, profit, customers, brands, products, services, market potential and growth potential. There aren’t two equal business, so this service will be carried out on a fully personalized way.

Before putting the company up for sale there are several factors that can be improved, so that the appraised value is higher than originally estimated. The WBB team – in cooperation with specialized partners in different business areas – will advise which areas can be transformed and thus improve the company’s value on the market. The creation of a new image and a new website, the optimization of human resources or streamlining internal processes are some of the services that can be advised by our experts. All with a single objective: the valuation of your business.

To implement projects of any business area, anywhere in the world, WBB assumes responsibility for creating consortiums capable of performing any task. Companies are chosen according to their valences and responsiveness to choose the best solution.

WBB also provides a set of services that allow a company from a foreign country to be implemented in Portugal. The services cover various areas, from management consulting to legal advice and support in the commercial and marketing areas. Everything for the conquest of a new market runs as smoothly as possible.